Jacksonville NC Real Estate

Camp LeJeuneLocated mere miles from Camp Lejeune and the beautiful Outer Banks, Jacksonville is one of the real estate opportunities in the state of North Carolina. Jacksonville NC real estate offers affordable home and property prices, a strong real estate market, and a steadily growing population. Real estate services in the area are plentiful and include real estate agencies, residential resale and residential and commercial property management. New construction is also booming in the city, making it a good bet for future growth and those seeking a long-term investment for wealth creation. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner, real estate investor or a property manager, Jacksonville is the place to be.

Jacksonville Cost of Living

Homes in Camp LeJeuneJacksonville NC real estate is highly affordable for both residential and commercial property. The city also benefits from competitive interest rates and a modest cost of living. Residential resale and residential and commercial property management services in the city are experienced and highly professional. The Sue Cruddas Real Estate Team of professionals offers extensive knowledge in resale and buying starter homes. New construction is easy as well, thanks to the bevy of construction firms in the region.

Jacksonville Properties

New home buyers in Jacksonville have a plethora of choices to choose from. The city boasts a robust housing inventory that includes single-family homes, duplexes, condos, apartments and much more. Those seeking to build a new home of their own will also find the task easy thanks to the city’s affordable construction costs and moderate property values. Commercial property owners will also find a wealth of choices, especially in downtown Jacksonville. As with residential property, commercial property in the city is highly affordable and easy to obtain. Businesses and private firms will have no problem finding and furnishing commercial space in Jacksonville. Additionally, our property management professionals ensure that great care is taken of your property and that all of your concerns are addressed immediately.

Jacksonville Living

Riverwalk ParkIn addition to its affordable property values and affordable cost of living, Jacksonville also benefits from a prime location. The city is home to Camp LeJeune, making it ideal for workers who commute to the base as well as for military spouses and families. Camp LeJeune is also vital to the city of Jacksonville’s economy, providing high-paying professional jobs and expanding the local tax revenue base. Jacksonville is also adjacent to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Outer Banks provides local jobs via tourism and hospitality for Jacksonville residents as well as attractions such as beaches, parks, campgrounds, historic sites and much more. Recreational and leisure options such as swimming, boating, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling and various water sports abound as well. Overall, the presence of both Camp LeJeune and the Outer Banks bolster Jacksonville’s economy and contribute to its high quality of life. The city also boasts excellent schools, a miniscule crime rate, good roads and a wealth of local restaurants and shops to enjoy. Visit our neighborhoods report page for more information.

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Sue Cruddas and her team of experienced real estate professionals offer the knowledge and experience you need to navigate the Jacksonville real estate market. Start your search for Jacksonville Homes and find your dream home today! Whether you’re in the market for a new home, a business expansion, or anything else, Sue Cruddas offers the professional real estate services you can trust to find the perfect home or commercial property. Contact us, your Jacksonville Real Estate specialists, today!
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